Emily Munro


The story of a father and daughter's musical influences.



Circle tells the story of a father and daughter's musical influences, from the perspective of a Baby Boomer and a Generation Y. Topics such as Death, Verity, Firsts Experiences, Love and Regrets are all discussed from two very different, yet interrelated points of view.

The reader creates a personal relationship with this father and daughter through their intimate writing and the juxtaposition of complimentary stories. It is through seeing what Ian and Emily cherish that the reader is able to reflect on what they cherish as well. Throughout the book, emphasis is put on mundane life events and a sense of nostalgia, allowing the viewer to really submerse themselves in the storyline and self-reflect on their own life and experiences.

This book was created for a Book Design course, while completing a Bachelor of Design at York University / Sheridan College.


I would definitely say that my passion for music is greatly influenced by my father's interest and exposure over the years, and I'd like to thank him for all the work he put in to help me co-write this book and bring it into fruition.

I wrote about my process while completing this project. Click the button below to view: